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Welcome to the Pamirs, the land of majestic mountains and wild rivers The home of very welcoming and modest people.

Tour Duration: 15 days and 14 nights
Group Size: 2-16 pax 
Route: Dushanbe – Vahdat-Vose-Kulob- Qalai Khumb- Siponj- Khorog-Javshangoz-Garmchashma-Yamg-Langar -Alichur- Khorog-Qalai Khumb- Tavildara-Dushanbe
Season: Mid May-September
Tour customizable: Yes

Cost includes: 
- transport according to the program; 
- accommodation in listed hotels (twin base), homestays (no claim for single rooms, maybe several beds or mattress room), guesthouses; 
- meal according to the program; 
- English/Russian speaking guide; 
- still water 2 liter/pax/day; 
- fee to National park area (Bulunkul and Yashilkul lakes) 

Day 1-Dushanbe

  • Arrival to Dushanbe
  • Welcome by a guide and transfer to hotel. Rest at hotel
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Sightseeing of Dushanbe city: I. Somoni monument, Rudaki monument, Flagpole, Gurminj museum of Pamiri music instruments, Opera and Ballet theatre, Kokhi Navruz (Grand teahouse)
  • Dinner at Rohat Teahouse/local restaurant
  • Overnight at hotel
Day 2- Dushanbe – Vahdat-Vose- Kulob-Qalai Khumb
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Full day drive from Dushanbe to Qalai Khumb. Photo stop near Nurak Dam (reservoir). Visit Hulbuk fortress and museum in Vose
  • Lunch at a local restaurant/cafe in Kulob
  • Visit Mir Said Ali Hamadoni mausoleum
  • Continue drive to Qalai Khumb
  • Accommodation and dinner at hotel/guesthouse/homestay in Qalai Khumb
Day 3 – Qalai Khumb–Siponj (Bartang Valley)
  • Breakfast at hotel/guesthouse/homestay
  • Full day drive along Panj River with photostops on the way. Lunch en route
  • Drive to Bartang Valley. On the way visit shrine in Yemts
  • Dinner and overnight at homestay in Siponj
Day 4 – Siponj- Khorog
  • Breakfast at homestay
  • Hike in Jizewdara Valley along river and picnic lunch at Jizew
  • Drive to Khorog
  • Accommodation at guest house/hotel/homestay
  • Dinner at a local restaurant (Lal/Varka/Chor bogh/Delhi Darbar restaurants)
Day 5 – Khorog
  • Breakfast at the guesthouse/hotel/homestay
  • Sightseeing: Botanical garden, First Old Car, city market, City park and De Pamiri Handicraft Shop
  • Lunch and dinner at a local restaurant/cafe
  • Overnight at guest house/hotel/homestay
Day 6 – Khorog – Javshangoz (Shochdara Valley)
  • Breakfast at guest house/hotel/homestay
  • Early drive to Shochdara Valley via Roshtkala
  • Picnic en route
  • Arrive to homestay at Javshangoz (3.470 m)
  • Photo stop to see the views to Peak Friedrich Engels
  • Dinner and overnight at homestay
Day 7 - Javshangoz– Garmchashma
  • Breakfast at a homestay
  • Hike to Basecamp of Peak Karl Marx
  • Picnic lunch en route
  • Drive to Garm-Chashma hot-springs
  • Dinner and overnight at Garm-Chashma sanatorium
Day 8 – Garmchashma – Yamg
  • Breakfast at sanatorium
  • Visit hot spring Garm Chashma, continue drive along Panj River and reach Ishkashim, picnic lunch on the way
  • Drive to Namadgut to visit museum and Fortress Qah-Qaha and Shohi Mardon shrine. Reach Yamg
  • Dinner and overnight at Yamg homestay
Day 9 – Yamg – Langar
  • Breakfast at a homestay
  • Drive to Fortress Yamchun and spring Bibi Fotima; return to Yamg for lunch and for visit solar calendar, Sufi educator Muborakkadam Wakhoni museum and water mill
  • Drive to Vrang with hike to Buddhist stupa, continue to Zong with hike to fortress Abreshim Qala
  • Drive to Langar
  • Dinner and overnight at homestay
Day 10 – Langar- Alichur
  • Breakfast at a homestay
  • Sightseeing Langar with shrine, then hike up to the petroglyphs (5 000 y.o.), walk around the village. Then drive to Ratm and hike to Fortress Ratm ruins; picnic lunch on the way
  • Drive along Pamir River and up via Khargush Pass (4.344 m) to Pamir highlands (marmots along the lakes and road) and down into Alichur Valley to Pamir Highway and along Sasyk Kul to Alichur
  • Dinner and overnight at a homestay
Day 11 – Alichur-Khorog
  • Breakfast at a homestay
  • Drive to Bulunkul and Yashil Kul Lake
  • Picnic lunch en route
  • Drive to Khorog over Koitezek Pass (4.270 m)
  • Accommodation at hotel/guesthouse/homestay
  • Dinner at a local café/restaurant
Day 12 – Khorog- Qalai Khumb
  • Breakfast at hotel/guesthouse/homestay
  • Full day drive from Khorog with photo stops/short excursions to Kalai-Khumb with lunch on the way
  • Accommodation and dinner at hotel/guesthouse/homestay
Day 13- Qalai Khumb-Tavildara -Dushanbe
  • Breakfast at hotel/guesthouse/homestay
  • Full day drive to Dushanbe via Tavildara. Photo stops on the road
  • Picnic lunch en route
  • Accommodation at hotel/guesthouse
  • Dinner at a local restaurant/cafe
Day 14- Dushanbe
  • Breakfast at hotel/guesthouse
  • Continue sightseeing Dushanbe: visit Sohmansur market, Hoji Yakub mosque, Botanical Garden, museum of Antiques and Etnography.
  • Lunch and dinner at a local café/restaurant
  • Overnight at hotel/guesthouse
Day 15 – Dushanbe
  • Transfer to the airport