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Adventures in Pamirs
Welcome to the Pamirs, the land of majestic mountains and wild rivers The home of very welcoming and modest people.
Hike along Siama river
One of the most beautiful places in Varzob Valley - Siama gorge, located 54 km from Dushanbe city. Have a drink of crystal clear natural iced water in mountains and remember the taste for the rest of your life.
Hissar Fortress
Hissar Fortress used to be a palace of one of Bukhara Emirate becks. The fortress with 1 m walls and loopholes for guns and cannons towered on a high hill's slope and was carefully guarded. Inside there was a pool and a garden. Across from the fortress there was a noisy market square with a caravanserai and a variety of shops
Dushanbe city tour
Dushanbe is a little-known but attractive city in the heart of Central Asia. It is full of space, light and colour and has much old-world charm. Many local people have had little contact with foreigners and are extremely kind and hospitable, welcoming complete strangers to their homes. Dushanbe, backed by some of the highest mountain ranges on earth, is the ideal jumping off point for adventures around this beautiful country.

Chiluchorchashma from Tajik means 44 Springs. It is located in South of Tajikistan, near Uzbekistan border, about 10-12 km away from Shahrituz. People all over Tajikistan visit this place for spiritual harmony and pilgrimage.

Tajikistan Classical 7 days tour (6 Nights)
We invite you to drowning in the greenery of Dushanbe, you will visit a unique historical and cultural reserve, in which there is a complex of architectural constructions of the IX-XIX centuries. and of course you will see the beautiful Ramit Gorge and the famous Nurek Sea.