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The sanatorium is located on the coast of the sea. Moreover, the sea is not an ordinary one, it won't be found even in the Yandex maps. This artificial lake created in the 50s of the last century radically changed the climate of the area. Now this is truly a resort place with healing climate. The sea is filled with water from mountain springs as Tajikistan on 93% consists of mountains. In addition, the sea is not navigable, thus it has a level of purity, which can not boast of any other resort area.

In general, the climate of Tajikistan is very dry, not-raining period takes five months. This combination of dry air and pure spring water coming into the sea creates a truly unique composition of the air, saturated with ionized water.

For living in big cities people to spend 2-3 weeks in auspicious maritime climate without excessive moisture as typically seaside has can not only clean the broncho-pulmonary airways, but also supply the body with pure oxygen, which is a deficit in the large cities.

The doctors of sanatorium "Bahoriston" developed special courses of therapeutic breathing exercises which allow enhancing the beneficial effects of invigorating sea air. Gymnastic exercises are specially conducted on the beach and focus on the exhale. Full exhalation of breath with a slight delay allows firstly completely release residual air from the lungs, and then inhaling fully saturate the body with oxygen and negative ions, with which a marine air is so rich. All this leads to the fact that the human body including the vital organs such as brain and heart get their missing in everyday life portion of oxygen. It gives a generous supply of energy, good health and an excellent state of feelings.


As mentioned previously, the sea water comes from the springs. The same water is used for drinking. Moreover the same spring water in the taps. Therefore, any eating and drinking in the region treats as it saturates the body with the "proper" structured spring water.

Therapeutic mud

In coastal limans the extracted dirt has wonderful healing properties. The fact is that it is formed in the places rich in natural salt having mineral composition in which the human body often has a chronic deficit. Due to lack of minerals there are various shifts in the development of hormones, enzymes and other vital substances. Therefore saturating through the skin with minerals helps human body in self-regulation.

Beside this many medicinal herbs of Tajikistan have been participating in the formation of mud. Also the products of decomposition form a biologically active substances. The entire complex has a very strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect and it is indispensable in the treatment of various chronic diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, particularly osteoarthritis, arthritis and arthrosis. Sanatorium doctors noticed a good therapeutic effect when applying mud, even in situations when conventional treatment fails. Treatment with applying this mud helps people to restore immunity, what is important particularly for people who often get cold. This category of people is prescribed spa treatment at least once a year.

Herbs of Tajikistan

Mountain climate, abundant sunshine bestowed plants of Tajikistan with many healing properties. The herbs in Tajikistan are picked up in the mountain, in ecologically clean areas. You can see how simply familiar to us plants have very strong healing properties. For example, local basil regulates the immune system, has antiseptic properties, has been used successfully for the treatment of asthma, cardiac disease, a stomach ulcer. It helps to restore energy quickly and improve brain function. It promotes release of excess fluid and prevents the formation of stones in urinary tracts.

Dandelion improves digestion, regulates the liver. Infusion is good for beriberi, anemia, rheumatic and arthritic diseases, and especially for various diseases of the skin - rashes, acne, boils.

Mountain mint is excellent remedy for nervousness, works as mild sedative agent, normalizes sleep and mood.

Shilajit (mumie)

Many people are already familiar with this mountain balm, which has remarkable properties. One of the most important of them is the excretion of the decay products that trigger the formation of cancer cells. The residents of the large cities living in environmentally contaminated areas ought to take a course of mumie application as prevention of this terrible disease.

Shilajit is mined in the mountains of Tajikistan. The doctors of sanatorium "Bahoriston" successfully learned how to use it against the different ailments. For example, the remarkable property of mumie to dissolve scars and adhesions is used in the treatment of female gynecological inflammatory diseases Indeed, the spa physicians are supplied with the physiotherapy techniques allowing to deliver drugs directly to the place of inflammation. Mumie is very good for broncho-pulmonary system, prostatitis, for the treatment of gastritis, stomach ulcers, fractures, radiculitis, neuritis, and more other health problems.

Hydrosulphuric waters

This water has a pretty sharp odor. However it still has an amazing healing effect on the skin as well as on the body in whole.

When hydrogen sulfide impacts the skin an irritation of the nerve endings occurs. This, in turn, causes dilation of small blood vessels, causing intense skin reddens, improves blood supply not only here, but in the underlying tissues: joint capsules, cartilage, internal organs.

Hydrogen sulfide activates metabolic processes, increases energy source of cells and tissues, enhances the regenerative processes, improves blood flow to organs and tissues, increases oxygen consumption, normalizes blood pressure and metabolic processes.

After taking hydrogen sulfide bath everybody always feel sleepy. This has a medical explanation. While taking hydrogen sulfide bath inhibitory processes in the central nervous system begin to dominate over the processes of excitation. Besides, the active ingredients of this water normalize the nervous system, what promotes improvement of mood, decreases anxiety, makes sleep better.